MM Lounge VR

Your Virtual Reality venue, located in the heart of Auckland City!


HERE ARE Just some of our most popular VR Games…

Job Simulator

A kids’ favourite! In a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, learn what it’s like to ‘job’. Tongue-in-cheek, very funny and great for families.

Water Bears

A logical puzzle game in which you can move around 360-degrees. Full of excitement and colour… and harder than you think.

Dig Destruction

Multiplayer. An intense deathmatch game were you must dig through the Earth and excavate weapons to battle your enemies.

Beat Saber

If you've ever dreamt of being a Jedi Knight that loved to DJ colourful raves at night, then dream no more. This game is just that, a VR Rhythm Game that will have you smashing oncoming blocks with lightsabers to the beat of the music. It's fun, addictive, and strangely therapeutic. Unleash the power within you, with Beat Saber!

Rec Room

A fantastic multiplayer game, Rec Room puts you in a social club where you can join other players partaking in a range of activities, from paintball to disc golf. The lively animations and customisation options make this feel like the Wii Sports of VR games right now.  What are you waiting for…? Come join in the fun!


Developer Polyarc really uses VR to the maximum here for world-building, upping the stakes. You're a little, adorable mouse named Moss. Armed with your trusty sword, you explore an enchanted wood. It's hard not to fall in love with the charm of Moss. It's even harder not to appreciate how it diversifies the PSVR line-up.  Get ready for adventure on a miniature scale!

Superhot VR

In Superhot VR everything is happening in slo-mo when you stay still, but as soon as you start moving things speed up to real-time.  Lose track of what’s real… commit yourself, body and mind. Confront the evocative, elegantly brutal world of Superhot VR. Enemies pouring into the room from all sides, hundreds of bullets coursing through the air... wait! Something is different here... All is not as it seems!

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Take Job Simulator, add in a whole bunch of Rick and Morty and you have… this. You're not only getting the absolute bonkers hilarity of the former, you're getting the sense of humour of the latter, giving you a perfect combination of bizarre wonderfulness. Welcome to our wicked world!


You should already know what Minecraft is, but you haven't really played it until you've strapped on a VR headset. It's still the same blocky world of course, except now you really get to wield a diamond sword while killing baddies in the Nether. Step inside the world of Minecraft and… blow your mind!

Arizona Sunshine

Hailed as the ‘Best VR Zombie Shooter’ yet, Arizona Sunshine places you in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse as if you were really there. Get set you shoot, bash and blast your way through blood-thirsty hordes of the undead close enough to touch. Arizona Sunshine has you battling for your survival across a blistering hot, post-apocalyptic Arizona. Don’t forget your sunscreen!


A Zombie crisis has broken out across the world, and you’re a highly trained warrior and member of S.E.A.T. (Special Event Action Team). Get set to fight for all mankind in this fast-paced VR shooting game featuring multiplayer mode. Load up on your choice of weapons and let the Motherf*****s have it! 

The Lab

Welcome to The Lab, a combination of Valve’s room-scale VR experiments set in a pocket universe within Aperture Science. Fix a robot, defend a castle, adopt a mechanical dog, toss a bowling ball, fire a bow and arrow, fly a spaceship while dodging projectiles in a range of eight minigames. Ready, set, GO!


Gorn is a ludicrously violent gladiator simulator. Gorn combatants can revel in their most violent gladiatorial fantasies. Strike down your opponents with swords, maces, nunchucks, two-handed war hammers or even your blood-soaked bare hands. The only limits to the carnage is your imagination. Be careful what you wish for - extract your vengeance, you blood-thirsty Brut.

Our VR equipment


At MM Lounge, we have 6 VR booths. You can choose to play by yourself or enter a multiplayer game.

HTC Vive

We use HTC Vive, widely acknowledged as the gold standard in high-end VR. We use tethered headsets, rather than mobile headsets, which let you track your movements in a 3-metre cube. This lets you move around, instead of just sitting in a chair. Intuitive controls and HD haptic feedback provide an unparalleled sense of immersion.


There’s also a ‘chaperone mode’, which is designed to prevent you moving too far outside the area we’ve set up for Vive, so you don’t stumble into walls or furniture.

A few rules so it’s safe and fun for all

Care of equipment

We provide this equipment for the enjoyment of everyone. Please use all equipment properly and treat it with respect.

If you are found to be responsible for any damage to the equipment, you will be held liable and will have to pay for repairs or replacement.

Tidying up

If you are holding a gathering or party, please remember we are not your mothers. We would be grateful if you and your guests would tidy up after your function.

Inappropriate behaviour

If your behaviour is inappropriate or disruptive, you will asked to leave. Please respect MM Lounge and your fellow guests.


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